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      The Legions Of The Light are dedicated to protecting the innocent citizens of Thera from those that try to dominate and tyrannize them, most notably Chassim and his forces of evil. This democratic clan made up of peoples of all races, classes and religions has endured through many of Thera's darkest days, fighting for an ancient code: Salvation, Honour, Justice through Baeon.


      As has been recorded in the books of Thera's historians, after founding Thera as a balanced and prosperous world of diverse beings, Mota left the world for an unknown time, leaving his three eldest sons in control. They were charged with keeping the balance and ensuring his creation did not fall into ruin.

      Chassim however, saw his chance and gathered a huge army, lead by his twisted drow, to wrest control of Thera. Baeon, seeing how Chassim threatened the balance, likewise began raising an army of his blessed followers. Noting Baeon's countermeasures, Chassim struck quickly and unexpectedly. The unprepared forces of Baeon fought valiantly but ultimately could do little to turn back Chassim's first onslaughts which cut a great, gruesome swathe across Thera.

      Outraged, Baeon resolved to drive back Chassim, to prevent any further horrific destruction and to ultimately obliterate his ability to ravage Thera. Three mortals: the Drow Bronwyn and the Humans Diem and Ravan, were chosen to gather an elite force as the spearhead for Baeon's armies. Thus began the Legions Of The Light. Although always outnumbered by the accursed followers of Chassim, this small group fought with suprising resilience and while some members have died or left, always they are replaced with equally determined champions.

      And so now, years on, The Legions Of The Light still stand strong, fighting their utmost for Baeon while their enemies have slowly faded into the dark mists of time. However the fight is not yet over. Chassim continues his dark plans and must be prevented from ever building such destructive forces again.


* To destroy the corrupt influence of evil and chaos upon Thera, most notably the armies of Chassim.
* To protect and avenge the innocent citizens of Thera.
* To spread across Thera, the worship and devotion to Baeon through honourable and just conduct.


* Devotion to Baeon and the goals of the Legions of the Light.
* No tolerance for evil or malicious beings.
* A desire to be an active member, fighting to make a difference.
* The ability to be well spoken and inoffensive
* A well created character with a good knowledge of Thera and pk.
(Ability will be assessed on application)
* Good aligned Baeon worshipers are greatly preferred. Other alignments and gods may be accepted, but only if a convincing reason for recruitment is given and their conduct reflects in all ways, their devotion to Light's cause. *Choosing other alignments for personal benefit is inacceptable. (eg. Choosing neutral to gain access to both good and evil spells)*
* No entrance fee is required. Support the clan with your actions, more than your gold.

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