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This is simply a list of LIGHT's enemies and a brief explanation of how they gained our disfavour. The explanation is by no means exhaustive. In the case of enemy clans, a complete background and an explicit explanation of our stance towards them, can be viewed in the Clan Relations section.

The New Order - TNO encourage war and take delight in their massacres.
The Vampyre Partnership - VP prey on the innocents of Thera as part of day to day life.
Touwen Awaechian - The vampires of TOUAW likewise refuse to simply prey on villains, criminals and common beasts, and the clan as a whole promotes chaos, law breaking and general mischief.

Followers of Evil and/or Chassim for obvious reasons
Kengho - who's words and actions have shown his general contempt for Light and for Caerdroia, and most specifically for deliberately hunting down and attacking a member of Light.


These specific people or groups have stolen what was rightfully ours. We will do what we can to retrieve or recompense the stolen property. In some cases, an entire clan may become valid for looting if the clan supports the dishonourable actions of the initial looter.

This sanction has one condition: you must IMMEDIATELY note LIGHT or their Leader with a full list of all significant items looted by you (quest items, heavily enchanted items, rare / unique items, and where a large amounts of one item was taken eg. 20 limes / rainbow pills / etc.) This way your Leader can remain up to date with the amount still owing to LIGHT.

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