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The Brood - TRUCE
      BROOD proclaim themselves to be a clan of retired PKs. As such, they never initiate battle with others and are not a threat to the general populace of Thera. Long ago they declared war on the better part of Thera and have not since changed this stance, however since then, they have been largely inactive and are considered to be mostly harmless citizens. As a result, Light does not see them as enough of a threat to Thera to warrant an active war.

The Academy Of Thera - TRUCE
      THERA was set up by Metinaius as a sanctuary and training facility for new pks. The members are taught to defend themselves and to display fair and honourable conduct. The Academy has LIGHT's full support, and while we are not allied with them (neither party wanting to engage in the other clans' wars), we are ready to provide any non-military support requested by their Leader. We also look quite favourably on individuals applying to join Light if they have successfully graduated from the Academy and are recommended by the Academy's Headmaster.

The Brotherhood Of Steel - TRUCE
      STEEL are a clan of neutral followers of Xharr that have banded together to enjoy the company and security of likeminded beings. While STEEL and LIGHT have not always been steadfast allies, in general their goals of "Promote honor above all. Protect those who are unable to protect themselves. Strive to rid the lands of chaos and disorder." are very similar to those of LIGHT. As a result, while LIGHT is not always willing to commit to the same wars as STEEL, the two clans have a solid friendship.

The New Order - WAR
      Disregarding any past reputation The New Order has, if nothing else, TNO prides itself on encouraging citizens of Thera to kill each other. This basic principle opposes everything LIGHT stands for and as such, declares them to be mortal enemies of Baeon. The war had been resolved as a fairly honourable battle with both sides fighting tooth and nail against each other, but holding back from dropping into dishonour. From past experience, LIGHT generally views members of TNO with great distrust. But since the clan has largely kept a very low profile for some time now, they are not currently seen as the primary enemy.

Monastery of Doom - TRUCE
      DOOM is technically devoted to forcing people back to the worship of Mota. Fortunately, they generally save their efforts of conversion to the more evil denizens of Thera. Since LIGHT feels that Baeon is obediently working towards Mota's own goals, our goals are not too dissimilar. However DOOM does not always see eye to eye with LIGHT on some matters and additionally, DOOM's absolutist attitude could just as easily spawn a following of dictatorial fanatics. So LIGHT is not willing to ally with these Mota worshippers, but since DOOM does not currently seem to take their goals too seriously, we are happy to keep a truce between the two clans.

The Vampyre Partnership - WAR
      VP, quite obviously is a clan of Vampires, bent on preying on the innocent citizens of Thera for food. While they show a good deal of honour and respect, they refuse to feed only from beasts or criminals and so have made themselves an enemy of LIGHT. The current war against them is being conducted with honour and respect. They are a worthy enemy.

Touwen Awaechian - WAR
      TOUAW is another clan largely populated by Vampires as well as other less than benevolent races. While not out and out evil, TOUAW promotes mischief or all sorts, a stance which allows members to be very lax about their attitude towards laws and keeping the peace. Some members choose to be mere jesters, but there is the potential for thieves, con-men/women, and others that would be happy to follow their goals of lawless amusement to the detriment of others. Naturally, LIGHT frowns on this attitude and works to clear out this underworld of rascals and brigands.

The Order Of Mercenaries - WAR
      ORDER was once another good-aligned clan devoted to Baeon. However, a well respected, and highly ranked member of Light consorted with one of our sworn enemies, CHAOS, and accepting their tainted gold, readily agreed to infiltrate and betray ORDER. With a swift military coup, Daedulus ousted the clan's leader and furnished the clan with a new purpose - to collect fellow unscrupulous mercenaries and hire themselves out to the highest bidder.
      Through this hostile takeover of a fellow Baeon worshipping clan, Daedulus flagrantly scorned LIGHT's code of conduct and his previous devotion to Baeon. His new followers support his lawless actions. Additionally, far from being a lawful clan, these unscrupulous mercenaries pose a threat to innocent Therans as they are willing to take paid employment from even the most evil or chaotic of patrons. Without question, LIGHT must do their best to counter this clan at every opportunity.

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