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      These ranks are designed to provide a complete training and leadership scheme, refining basic skills, building on them to achieve overall dominance in all situations and finally utilizing these skills in key positions. Note: Prolonged level sitting may affect promotions. Members are encouraged to steadily progress in their levels rather than dwelling heavily on building huge amounts of hitpoints or quest points at low level. Questing can be done at any level and a stagnant clan is an ineffectual clan. Members of ALL ranks (especially Rank 8 and above) are strongly encouraged to take an active interest in the clan, both by fighting and clanquesting, and also through giving suggestions, constructive criticism and taking votes on any issues raised by the Leader. Such intelligent interest will be taken into account when the member is being considered for promotion.

(Clan Leader)


      While in command, the Leader must be devoted to improving the clan and supporting its members. The status as Leader may NOT be used for personal gain and leaders are expected to be as self-reliant and resourceful as any other member, if not more. Leaders have the right to veto the opinion of other clan members (though not votes of no confidence), but it is highly discouraged and should not be used without very good reason.

Leadership is attained solely through a clan election. There is a specific procedure to change leadership:
1. Contact the Leader or an Advisor, quote your problem and call for a Vote of No Confidence.
2. All members of Light must then vote for or against the current Leader. The Leader/Advisor will arrange for a reliable player to collect the votes and keep them strictly anonymous.
3. If the majority vote against the Leader, another anonymous vote will be taken to decide on the new Leader.
4. Once a new Leader has been chosen, the current one steps down to Rank 4.
Note: If the Vote of No Confidence fails, the current Leader remains in power and the player who called for the vote can chose either to follow respectfully or leave the clan.

Rank 2 - ADVISOR

      As can be expected, this rank for the right-hand men/women of the Leader. Promotion to this rank is given only at the discretion of the Leader and new Leaders have the right to assemble a new council of advisors if he/she so wishes. The number of members allowed in this rank is also determined by the Leader but promoting half of the clan to this rank is discouraged. Advisors are chosen from ranks 4 and above, and these members will have earned the complete trust of the Leader, while preferably having a history of outstanding service to the clan. They are expected to give balanced & intelligent advice as required and are expected to wield their power with great respect and discretion. They are the superior authorities in the absence of the Leader and should be treated with the same respect. If an Advisor gives you a command that you disagree with, you have the right to give a reasonable objection, but if the Advisor insists that you comply, do so! Afterwards, report the incident to the Leader and he/she will deal with it.


      The Champions Of Baeon are the elite champions of the Legions of the Light. Unless a Champion specifically asks to hunt alone, these members are required to work together as a deadly team to decisively rout evil. Champions do not have greater command authority than those in Rank 4, however they are greatly respected as the figureheads in our fight against our enemies. Being the elite of the clan, these members do have military authority over all lower ranks and act as the Generals for any military action. Due to their devotion to the battle for Baeon, these members are not required to contribute financially to the same extent as other members, however if they chose to ignore clanquesting, they must make up for it in battle. Note: Champions Of Baeon are not required to take up ALL offers of battle, regardless of situation. These members are required to fight with intelligence, not bloodthirsty berserker attitudes.
      To attain this rank, applicants must be rank 5 or higher, and above level 65 (exceptions may be given). They must prove to have an excellent knowledge of Thera, both the items and the areas, and must be formidable in battle.


      These members are the long term members of Light. They have proven their reliability, loyalty, resourcefulness and dedication to the clan while having a history of loyally following Light's RP and goals. This rank should be the goal of all members and makes up the true backbone of the clan. These members have moderate command authority over lower ranked members and it is expected that their seniority and wisdom will be respected. If a member ignores the directions given by a Rank 4 member, the Leader or Advisors should be notified. This privilege must NOT be abused, nor does this position give them the right to lord it over other members. Elitism will not be tolerated.
      To attain this rank, members must be level 50+ (there are exceptions), and must fit in with the above description. This rank cannot be requested but will be given as seen fit by the Leader.

      At rank 5, members enter the ranks of the human's Citadel Guard. As a coordinated defence force, members in the Citadel Guard are trained to work together as a well honed unit. Cooperation is integral in all situations, especially those that could put members lives at risk. At this rank, members are expected to put to use ALL previous training. Most importantly, these members are required to prove their devotion to Baeon's cause and their ability to abide by the conduct of a member of Light in all situations. Rank 5 does not give special privileges, however the seniority and skill of these members will be taken into account. This is the highest general rank that can be APPLIED for by members (the exception being Champion of Baeon) and members MUST achieve this rank to progress to a high ranking position.
      Although you cannot apply for promotion from this rank (except to Champion of Baeon), members are encouraged to continue to improve and progress since the Leader and Advisors will watch for members deserving promotion. Naturally members must prove their ability to use all previous knowledge and abilities and to work cooperatively if they wish to be promoted. Note: Only trusted and exemplary members will be permitted to progress past this rank.


      At rank 6, members train with the Dread Gladiators of Caerdroia's giants. The giants put great emphasis on battle and their Dread Gladiators train constantly to improve their abilities. Here exploring and playing with items become less important. Members at this rank must learn to effectively hunt, initiate battle and fight strategically with all the skills and spells they can bring to bear.
      To progress to Rank 5, these members must display their ability to hunt and fight with deadly ability. Members are also required to ensure that the majority (if not all) of their battleworthy skills and spells have been honed to an effective level.


      At Rank 7, members are required to train with the Dwarven contingent of the Caerdroian Army as a Quartermaster Of Light. As the name suggests, the dwarves mainly focus on equipment and supplies for the Legions of the Light. In this role, members will be expected to familiarise themselves with a good deal of commonly used items, and great emphasis is placed on finding innovative ways to use both common and little-used items.
      To progress to Rank 6, these members must display their ability to tailor highly customised sets of equipment.


      The Lannas Sidhe are the army of the elves. Upon reaching Rank 8, members are required to train as a Lannas Sidhe. These members must report to the elven barracks and are trained to search and explore. Importance is placed on speed, stealth, avoidance and a broad knowledge of the areas of Thera. Once members attain this rank, they hold an equal weight in clan matters to anyone up to rank 5, however they cannot progress to any of the high ranking positions until they reach rank 5.
      To progress to Rank 7, these members must prove their ability to travel to diverse areas, to hide, and to move while still avoiding enemies.


      Recruit is a probation rank. Members with this Rank may participate in all clan matters but they hold much less weight than other ranks. Recruits are encouraged to strive for promotion as soon as possible but while holding this rank, any misconduct will be met with exile. Depending on the severity of the transgression, a warning may or may not be given.
      To attain this rank (be recruited), the applicant must apply to the Leader and will undergo an interviewed to determine their motives, level of determination and capabilities to ensure that they would be able to meet up to the requirements of a member of Light. Some applicants may be required to prove their abilities and knowledge.
      To progress to Rank 8, the member must have gained the trust and commendation of the Leader or of two (2) Advisors. In some cases, a quest may be issued particularly if the member's initial knowledge or abilities were under par.

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